5 Weeks!

yes, the piggies are 5 weeks old now and doing quite fine. I think its about time to wean them: momma is getting thin and grumpy!Image

But they should be fine. They are getting pretty good at rooting up the soil. Not just rooting it up but actually finding stuff to eat while they “work.”


I am thinking about keeping the spotted girl, Peppercorn, for breeding. She came out of momma late, but still got a good teat. She’s assertive alright. But she also has good growth. One of the biggest pigs, infact. There is another one I call Big Pink who is very friendly…i just can’t tell her apart from the other big pink piglet! Their faces are becoming distinct so I think I should be able to figure her out one of the days. :/


So much fun to root around! And the “smack smack smack” of little pigs eating.



Nice and healthy piggies! I don’t know much about show pigs, but with their nice long bodies and well set bones I wouldn’t be surprised if I had some ribbon takers in the bunch. This will be my first time weaning and I’m not quite set up for it. I was hoping to wait another few weeks, but mom is looking pretty thin so I’m going to try and get something set up ASAP. That means I also have to find them homes. Oh, they grow up so fast! *sniff sniff*



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