A Year Ago

Nearly a year ago I was doing my daily search for farm properties when a little place in the thumb of Oregon came up. I decided to go take a look and fell in love with the place. We, my then fiance and I, were to fix the place up and make it our family farm.

Yeah. Didn’t happen. We just weren’t right for eachother. It happens, right? But its crazy to take a look at the pictures:


April 2012


March 2013


April 2013


Yeah…Yikes. Its a little misleading because one month of spring really changes the look of the place. and so does sun vs. overcast..but it still looks pretty awful. The bramble fence was not the greatest idea and Rosie the pig has tilled up ALOT. However the great news is that today we fixed aLOT of the problems. We hired a fellow to come and dig post holes today and by the time he left we has 20+ posts in the ground for the fence. We tamped them and put some cement in. By next week it should be cured and ready for us to put in the cross bracings and THEN the fence. yaay! It will look so good when we are done!

It was nice and sunny the past week then when we needed to work outside with a tractor it rained, go figure. Sadly his tractor destroyed some of the tilth. :/ Luckily it was almost all low priority ground…still i hate to see tractor marks skidded into bare mud. Then again it too only a few hours to dig, set and tamp 23 wood posts. The bramble fence had been gathered up and will make for an amazing bonfire in the summer. 

I mentioned mud, right? Well, farm dog decided it was a great day to go digging.


Thankfully the farmhouse has a mudroom AND a shower. Guess who got to take a shower? She was so brown and wet she looked like a bear that had gone salmon fishing.

Polly the sheep is having contractions, but doesn’t want to actually drop. I think she is actually waiting for me to be there. When I sit with the sheep she starts huffing and puffing, then when i leave she gets up and starts eating like nothing ever happened.


Blaze is a persistent, adorable, little brat and she uses her powers to get her way. Yes, she is snuggled up on the couch with me again. I moved the sheep pen and let them in at dusk. She was being hysterical and i realized i hadn’t fenced by the creek because i knew the ewes didn’t go there…but what about a crazy lamb in the dark? she was crazy enough to jump through the fence to get to my back door…

Dang it. I got worried and brought her in for the night. stinker.



Lovely sister Tuck is  healthy and friendly. She just loves to bounce around…and sleep in the feed bin. Sheep. I tell ya….


One thought on “A Year Ago

  1. Janice Cockrell

    Nice post. Great photos of the animals. It was hard work, but we had a great time and got a lot done. (We looked almost as muddy as the dog, though, didn’t we?). Mom


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