Polly Had a Little Lamb

I noticed on Wednesday morning Polly was looking pretty ripe. I asked my neighbour to keep a eye on her while i was at work. I didn’t get any frantic calls at work so i figured either it happened and all was good or nothing had happen yet. I got home and fed the pigs and looked out to the sheep pasture and saw Polly with something hanging from her bottom: he water had just broken.

I was excited and thankful she waited until I came home. Good sheepie! So I got the other sheep fed and checked up on her. She was trying…sort of. I don’t think I’ll ever witness another birth where the mother is more interested in food than birthing! She was taking a while to make any progress. We had feet sticking out for a long time (i have pictures, but you probably don’t want to see)…then finally a nose. I couldn’t remember if it was when the nose was out the umbilical chord was broken….or later? since she was taking forever to make any progress i wiped the nostrils clear soon as I could and waited.

and waited. Clearly we had a big lamb coming out.  Mind you Polly is one of my smaller sheep and only a year old. She is very calm so i figured no emotional drama, but wasn’t totally sure about how her body would handle the birthing process.

Finally with all her straining I decided to help *juuuuust* a little. I carefully tried to guide her vagina around the very large forehead where she had been stuck for almost an hour? She pushed and we got the head partly out…then she stopped pushing and it slipped back in. *sigh* well, I figured once her vagina had streached once around the head it would be easy to do again. I stepped back and let her finish doing it herself.


Sure enough, within a matter of minutes a little lamb was on the ground. She stood dazed and didn’t do anything but stand there for five minutes, but finally she turned around and started licking her lamb. Shortly thereafter he was trying to stand and suckling from mom.


And what a pretty lamb! His wool is long, straight, silky and smooth! Nothing like my other sheep. He looks like a Jacob but is actually part Shetland (dad) and East Friesian-Lacaune. This is great, too, because I can breed him to Ash’s lambs and I will get to see how my breeding project will turn out sooner.


Ash was very interested in the new lamb: she announced to everyone there was a new comer.





Poor Blaze, though. We expected her to have someone smaller that would look up to her. And yet he came out nearly the same size as Blaze is at three weeks! He is very strong already. Two days old and already headbutting the other lambs! Boys.

Blaze is doing well, though. Still got mild scours, but she is acting fine. I am hoping to get her weaned soon. She still loooves her milk. She drinks it so fast she gets a foamy mouth and looks like a rabid lamb. Image

My little goof-ball.


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