Weaning Time







Roise seems happy feeding her kids a few times a day since I started feeding the piglets heavily. She actually seemed fine with the arrangement..but regardless they are 8 weeks old and its time to get her body back into shape for some more breeding.  I tried getting her used to feeding away from her shoats by moving her feed out of the barn but she decided shed rather not eat than not keep an eye on her brood. VERY good mothering instincts. A few days before I separated them I spied this scene in the morning:



Rosie likes to enjoy her food slowly….no one else on  the farm does. So if she doesn’t gobble it down someone else will.



So she decided to solve the problem by sleeping with her feed. Her babies were on watch, though: waiting for when she left it unattended to chow it all down.



She’s a good girl…but it makes it hard to feed her enough when she won’t eat it all at once. Luckily she is very happy eating grass and roots…but its not enough for a sow in milk.


So we finally got the pen built. I decided to put her in there so she could keep her rototilling to one acre while all the other grass grows back. Shes not a dumb pig, though: i knew if i wanted her in the pen she wouldn’t go in if it looked like a pen So we got 3 sides completed and the t-posts in the last side. Then I lured her into the area with some good food (she had a look in her eye as if she knew we were up to something…but ohh that milky corn smelled good) got her in and put  up the electro-rope in a matter of minutes…it was risky but we did it!


I think she was more mad that she was locked up and out of the barn than about loosing her little ones: though she was worried about them. as long as she saw them on the other side she was happy. Two got into her pen and she seemed unhappy they were there. i got them out, but then she seemed upset she was alone. GURL: make up your mind!

So two days in she seems okay with the setup. Milk is literally dripping from her teats. Hopefully she dries up soon!

And the “weaners”? They are perfectly contented with the situation. Whoops. I hear piglets touching an electric fence: gotta go!


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