The week that was

Well I put off writing simply because I WAS going to write a long blog post about selling 2 piglets, but then I was late by a few days and felt guilty and then was like “nooo! I can’t not post about it, but its laaaate!”


So I’ve been hiding.


So a fellow from FFA came out with a student to pick up two weaners. The student was must have been 6’8″ and 280 lbs. Big kid. They were impressed with the litter and really liked their build and personalities. Yay! So Rosie was in her weaning pen and I gave her milk in her grain to keep her distracted.  I got the piglets in the barn with some feed and they checked the pigs out. The kid chose his pig and was instructed to pick it up

“I don’t think this is going to work. ” I thought to myself, but hey, the FFA guy had done this tons of times so no prob, right?


Oh don’t worry, it’ll stop squealing in a few seconds.”

It didn’t. It kept screeching a blood curdling screech at some 150 decibles (rock concert loud) The young man walked across the barn and stepped through the door to see something along the lines of this:



Only with more anger, in a fighting stance, bellowing directly at him to “DROP THAT CHILD OF MINE~!” he did.

Yes, Rosie had broken through the fence and now was involved in the moving of piglets. We tried locking her out of the barn and backing the truck up to the door, but the first time we did that she heard the piggie squeal and slipped under the truck and back into the barn teeth bared and roaring.

The thing about Rosie is I think she knows she can only go so far with humans before she puts her life in jepoardy. She roared, and chased a little but I saw her pull back and stop herself. Shes a good pig, and they liked and respected her.

Eventually we got her out of the barn and the piglets back in and the truck in far enough she couldn’t slip under. They got their two piggies in, pulled out and double checked they were the right ones.  “Looks good!”

“On, you got Wilber the boar.”

“…… you’re right.”

So back in went the truck and everyone else went to chase the piglets back in the barn. Pssh, I knew that wouldn’t work so I just got more grain, poured in slowly and loudly into their feed bin while calling out “Pig pig!” as I do at feeding time. suckers came back in, heheh.

Two of the pink girls are gone and we are down to 5 piglets. Sadly the fellow who was going to take a breeding pair had a storm take out a fenceline and the pig house right before he came so now im looking for a home for 2 pigs. Then I’m keeping Peppercorn for breeding, my niece is keeping one for 4h and then there will be one for butcher.

oh yes, I also started getting fruit culls from the grocery store. clearly my animals are well fed because they pick through that stuff for the goodies and leave the rest. if they were REALLY hungry pigs they would eat it all. Oh well, more compost!


On the sheep end I’ve started weaning Blaze. I don’t know how much she weights, but i come home every day to her distened belly. She is chowing down on grass, so shes getting just breakfast and dinner now, no lunch.

Since I built a creep and a night pen for the sheep I’ve been trying to milk them again. A whole night without lambs allows their udders to fill up. I’ve been wrestling with Ash to get her to let me milk. the first few days I had her in a classic wrestling hold while I just spilled her milk on the ground. Now I’m starting to be able to squat next to her. She is still kicking some, but not as bad. A milking stand would be nice so i could tie her legs down. but I think I’ve almost broken her in! yay!


tired, gonna sleep now and shear the sheep tommorrow.



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