Sweet Deal and Yogurt


Sadly one of the only decent resturants in town closed its doors last weekend. I went to their goodbye sale and scored two crocks, a French omlette pan, a copper pot and a tiny Revere Wear kettle I can use on my wood stove. All for $11.  Of course I had to try and make saurkraut right away.


We’ll see how it turns out.

 I finally got enough milk to bother pasteurizing. Its awesome in coffee. I re-crutched the girls since they seem to have grown a fair amount of wool since I did it in Janurary so the next batch of will be cleaner.

Then I tried to make yogurt.


Warm milk with starter in clean jars then into a warm water bath it went! In the end I got this:


Looks good….buuuuut the consistancy is kinda weird. Its not sure firm but rather um….slimy.


It tastes fine…a little sheepy, but again, it wasn’t 100% clean milk you can taste the .5% of something else in it. And the Alfalfa. My family thought it was pretty much like delicious feta…but I don’t like feta. Curse my picky pallet!

So will I eat it? yes. With relish? probably not until I get used to the feta flavor.We’ll see how it is when I add some jam and granola. That will probably be amazing.

What milk product should I try next? I need to go find a cheese making supplier in Portland!


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