Going Ons

Working full time at a non-farm related job is  a mixed blessing. Of course it keeps me away from home and doing farm things that need done, but it gives me income so I CAN continue to do farm things until this place starts paying for itself. I find myself, while enjoying my work, frequently thinking about what I need to do on the farm on the weekend. I think I actually work HARDER on the weekend than during the week. This weekend we pulled an old trailer out of the field to restore, rebuilt the chute, made a new pen around the lawn for the sheep to cut back the grass, moved half a ton of manure, rototilled the garden space, sheared a sheep then delt with animal drama which involved chasing and wrestling a ram.

Dear Khoresh is feeling very “springy” and has been headbutting Rosie with a mix of lust and desire to dominate the “top dog” on the farm. Of course, while he attacks Rosie he still runs like hell from me. I had them separate but he jumped the fence line last night and started fighting with her again. The neighbour helped me get them separated last night, he jumped into the lamb creep and i threw up some plywood to make it taller so he didn’t jump out. Crazy girl got in the pen with him and rode him like a bucking bronco until I could get the halter on him. Was going to lead him to his own pasture, but i think I’m going to try wrestling again this morning and see if i can get the homemade ram-mask on him.

Wish me luck!

And after that? I have a weeks paid vacation at work…..how relaxing!


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