I got a goat



I got a goat. His name is Cap.


Short for Capricorn, he is a stubborn, friendly and affectionate.

I thought, stupidly, the lambs would accept him. They did not. He looked funny so they greeted him with head-butts. Poor guy: he woke up from his nap, got picked up by two strange humans and within ten minutes was transported to a land WITHOUT goats, but sheep, dogs, cats and pigs. Oh he was so confused.

I put him in a pen with Blaze inside the sheep pasture so the sheep could get used to him. Today I let them all intermingle and the sheep pretty much ignored him. Good! No one is attacking the funny looking baby. BUT….when I left he freaked. He likes humans and ran around the house screaming until he decided to bolt. Off to the neighbors he went. He likes hanging out with the neighbors in their garage and he spent all evening with them eating, drinking, and climbing on stuff.

He’ll fit in just fine.


3 thoughts on “I got a goat

  1. Jan

    Is he going to do what he is supposed to do, namely eat the thistles? I don’t see any progress in that regard…

  2. Jan

    He is adorable, though. So now you have an adorable goat, an adorable cat (who doesn’t mouse), an adorable dog (who fortunately does the cat’s work), three adorable lambs, an adorable ewe, a neurotic ewe, a sweet sow, and five adorable piglets. Now what.


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