Might be Bloat

I wasn’t able to get alfafa this weekend and monday the feed shop was closed so this morning during milking the girls got extra grain. Tonight Ash was standing in her stall stomping her foot over and over.





*stomp stomp stomp*

I thought maybe she didn’t like the new bedding i put in (tried pellets, ain’t worth $4 a bag!), but when i went to look at her she had froth on her lips. a little, but thats not a good sign either way. I figure her stomping may be general stomach discomfort so i jumped on it and forced some water/oil/baking soda goop down her throat and tapped her tummy to try and burp her.

She still had an appetite, so that was good, but i gave her limited alfalfa because its so rich.

I don’t know for sure if its bloat, but im not one to take chances on my animals health. We’ll see how she is in the morning.

the great thing is both the girls have upped their milk production for me and I got over a gallon in two days. Remember: I only milk once a day and leave some for the lambs. That means they are doing a good job producing milk. Not as much as i expected, true, but now that I know some milk goats don’t even make a quart a day I’m happy.

I also sold my first gallon of raw milk (as pet food*) this weekend so the girls paid for their feed. Maybe I can sell some more and they can buy a few straw bales.


*not really. I told them how to pasturize and don’t drink my milk raw. really. don’t.Polly is a poop monster and I cannot keep the stall clean enough for me to feel comfortable with the milk being raw. Yes I wash sanitize the udders…but still. no. just don’t.


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