Skunked: It Finally Happened

We have a healthy skunk population here in Oregon. Back in Oregon City the was a road I had to take to get to the ex’s farm that would provide a new skunk roadkill/odor every two weeks. It was like it was scheduled: once the old skunks scent finally started fading a new fool would get hit by a car and stink up the road for another two weeks. There must have been 6 or 7 killed that summer. Peeyew! I actually spotted my first living skunk on the way to the farm. I didn’t realize it but skunks have a serious attitude when they walk: they exude this punk-assed “don’t mess with me” body language. That know they have power.

A friend was visiting me the other day and as we approached a freshly fallen ball of black and white striped fluff in the road my friend said, “AAWW!! KITTY!” Uh, no. Thats not a kitty.

Then there was the time that I had one welcome itself into the laundry room and help itself to the dog food….luckily he left peaceably by his own volition, too.

Anyway, point is we have lots of skunks around here. I have been impressed with my dog and her ability to avoid them for so long. She is frequently outside when its dark out, yet she’s avoided them. I think shes even gotten a few to spray and avoided it. Last night she was not so lucky. The poor pup got sprayed, I dragged her home and I tried whatever I could: washed her in flat hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, peed on her (okay, okay, I peed in the shower when i was washing her and accidently hit her then went “huh, this might work since its got ammonia…” and proceeded to pee all over her), vinegar and them a baking soda and soap mixture.


poor poor demeaned dog. first she got hit in the face with skunk (though luckily it missed for the most part), then a bath, then peed on then locked up in a room all by herself to sleep alone. The look on her face was sorrow: questioning life and why it bought here to this demoralized state! Questioning herself and what she does with her life. Was this karma for killing so many rats? Questioning God! She questioned God and its wisdom as she stood soaking in the shower. Why?! WHY?!

Luckily she doesn’t smell too bad. Don’t cuddle….but not bad.


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