The Result of Shearing a Ram as a Small Woman

Actually, it wasn’t the shearing, it was being stubborn and not letting go of the lead line that hurt me.

Remember when I said Khoresh was bucking? Well, the line on the halter was kind of short and Khoresh yanked my arm pretty bad, but I didn’t let go when it hurt. I ignored the pain and kept holding on then went on to shear him. The next day my shoulder started to hurt. Then it got worse. And worse. and then finally bad enough i was nearly in tears from the pain at work. I slept trying to heep it warm and supported only to wake up from the pain. My little kitty tried to help out: he laid over my sore shoulder and purred small warm vibriations into my shoulder. He made it feel better…but work only made it feel worse again.

There regular pain, then there is warning pain. I felt like what i was feeling in my shoulder was painful enough that there really WAS a problem.Frankly, there has always been a problem with my shoulders and the activity on Sunday coupled with bench work did not help, so i did something rare: I spent money on myself. If I went to the hospital they’d do an intake, take an xray, go, “gee, theres nothing wrong! Here, take some more pain killers” and the problem would not be resolved. So I went in for Eastern medicine and went to an acupuncturist. What he ended up doing was something called Gua Sha which involves using a hart blunt object (this time a ceramic spoon) to scrape out the old, nasty, coagulated blood and gunk and encourage clean circulation. This results in the old gunk rising out of the muscle onto the surface under the skin resulting in what looks like a nasty rash. It was a little painful when i had him do the tender spots on my neck, but paled in comparison to the pain i was having in my shoulders/neck. 


I felt better immediately and a few hours later felt great! Then I had to polish a bunch of jewelery and the pain came back: the polishers are too high to be ergonomic. The redness doesn’t really hurt…a little tender to the touch, but its not like an actual bruise. Its sure been fun scaring people with my giant rash. I told one person i had a contagious disease and they nearly ran out the door, another person believed me when i told them my pigs and sheep developed and interspecies plot against me ganged up on me and beat me up. He kept asking, “But, it wasn’t like they were doing it mean, right? They were just playing rough, right? Mean, I’m just trying to understand.” *giggle* I have a few more people to freak out. Maybe L. will be at work and I can tell her of the freaky guy i met at the bar.


hopefully i can pay attention to my body better and stay in more ergonomic positions so my shoulder can heal. Next time i’ll be more careful ram wrestling.


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