Ramming Around With the Step-Dad

Aww…this is why I like Khoresh: He is even sweet and gentle with the ram-lamb thats not his. They wrestle, but he is gentle in his training his young ward. Its good because big guy with horns vs. little guy with horns could be pretty bad, but its not! They posed together for me.


I took a video, but i can’t seem to upload it to my blog so take a look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEmg0eaRZrU&feature=share&list=UUxVV8H09Safy0Y4-4NWhrjA

Mooney seems to love Khoresh, and Khoresh likes the little guy. They spend alot of time together…though Mooney likes being with the girl lambs, too.

Mooney tries to be tough with the dog


We will see how much longer the gentleness lasts. I expect next year there will be bloodier battles.



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