Milk Production

I have two ewes I milk once a day. About 1 quart a day from each girl, every 2-3 days I get a gallon. I was under the impression I have low production and was considering shutting down for the season. After watch some videos of other sheep farmers I guess my girls are doing pretty good: some professional folks get 1 quart a day with twice a day milking!  Makes me feel better about my operation.

Now for my obligatory sheep picture:


Blaze is looking quite sheepy, isn’t she? Next year she will prove to be a fine animal i believe.


2 thoughts on “Milk Production

    1. erikamay85 Post author

      and its just generally delicious.

      Really, though, both gave me 1/2 gallon their first few milking days. If i was able to actually milk them daily in the beginning .we’d be well off. And their bag attachment was way better than some of those ewes. sorry, am i bragging?


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