The Farm Family

If the animals on a far were all one family I can tell you who is what:

Pigs, first of all, are clearly the teenagers on the farm. Always hungry, likely to sleep in. If they don’t get their way they will raise a ruckus and talk back.

Sheep are like the too sweet, perfect calm sister who does what she’s told(ish) so you kinda wanna pull her pony tail and make her cry.

Goats are the annoying hyperactive cousin that really don’t want around but have to deal with because, fine, he’s your cousin.

Chickens wake up at the butt-crack of dawn and let you know they are awake.  Clearly the toddlers of the farm. f

Cows? Okay, I don’t have enough experience with cows, maybe your sister who got married so he really doesn’t much to do with the other animals but she’s still hanging around doing her thing. Maybe?


Anyway, this all started with the fact the pigs are still asleep and its breakfast time. What a happy thing for them to wake up to.


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