Pig News!

            |\    /”\                                                                           __
           |   \/        \       _____——————–_________( (”’) )~
   ..  ,,”” *    *      / —                                                         \
|00|__^           )                                                                   \ 

aaaaaannnd its at this point I realize I’m really bad at drawing with the computer so im just going to stop and say Rosie is starting to show. She has babies in her. yay! Her belly is starting to hang low and he hips are hallowing out. She seems pretty happy in her second trimester. She is also much happier to have a companion with her. Rosie and Peppercorn have begun to utilize the woods, and are trying to cuddle with the other two sisters, Sweetheart and Dot, through the fenceline.

My niece was going to auction off Dot, but I do believe her to be pregnant and since she only bought one pig I am thinking to keep Dot and let her farrow.  Free piglets, why not, and HOW CAN YOU KILL A PREGNANT “WOMAN”?! Then again, she is a little young to be pregnant so maybe she’d be better off just being auctioned and slaughtered? I am keeping an eye on her for the next few weeks to decide if shes better off dead or alive.

Decisions, decisions. Anyway, I’m enjoy checking on Rosie everyday since she now seems to be getting bigger. It makes me happy since she had such a hard time getting pregnant THEN was almost impossible to tell if she was or wasn’t.

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