Living Up To Its Name

Well, I just got word the ram got into the pasture with the pregnant sow while I was at work and chased her around and rammed into her back end. If she hasn’t aborted yet I’ll be amazed. The ram will provide sperm for this next lambing and become dinner, or as he is named “Khoresht.” Thanks to this news I will indeed mask him again tommorrow.

He doesn’t do that when I’m around, but I go to work? ug, the bad behavior comes out. little turd’s gonna die. seriously. don’t beat up pregnant women.


This, too, cements Dots fate as she will be allowed to live and farrow since I’m guessing Rosie’s pregnancy is gonna be a bust.


3 thoughts on “Living Up To Its Name

    1. erikamay85 Post author

      Yeah, I am figuring he thinks “If I beat up and dominate the pig, I get all the food and the ewes will want to mate.” Right now the girls do blow him off, which really peeves males of all species. But, sorry, buddy, you live in a matriarchy: you can never be top dog(ram). Girls rule, boys drool.


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