Real Time Chow

I’ve waited years for this moment: the full cycle of life, to death, to my plate.


I picked up my pork today, amazed at how much one half a pig makes! It should last me a few months. I decided to start off with trying to chops breaded simply in flour, salt, pepper and garlic. I paired it with home grown turnips, turnip greens and rice. Here goes nothing….(Thank you Gorbachev! I still love you!)


Wow.  I’m blown away by the flavor. One bite and the flavor lasts for a minute in my mouth. The fat is sweet and soft: not hard gristle, but palatable, chewable and delicious. Every muscle, every sinew has flavor…and its juicy and moist.


I’ve been ravenous the past two days. I don’t know why, but my body acts like it can’t get enough to eat. This is so satisfying, so nutritious I feel my body rejoicing. Hopefully it will help me heal my tendonitis. Life is good, thank you again Gorby.



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