Starting All Over

Not from scratch, but its time to start breeding and all that goes with it again. I separated the sheep (or they kind of separated themselves…) and now Khoresh is back with the big girls while its up to Mooney to try and take care of the young girls. He’s shown interested in his mother and the other older female, but still treats the ewe lambs like friends…clearly they arn’t cycling yet. Head bonking will hopefully soon be replaced by another kind of bonking. Still trying the dry off the ewes, but they want to milk when i don’t want milk and don’t want to milk when i want it. ug.

Sweetheart left the farm yesterday probably to never come back. My niece is using her for the 4-h show, hopefully she does well. It has given my niece something to plug into during the summer other than tv/internet/dumb stuff. I was starting to doubt her driving skills after watching her practice the other day, but last night when she loaded up the pig she did a fine job driving and calmly getting the pig loaded up I saw a strong, confident self assured young woman. I’m hoping she can take the confidence she has developed with her pig and use in it as she goes through the horrors of JR high. *Having* a pig made her kind of cool in her school. There is a chance Sweetheart needs to be bought back for being overweight…but I doubt she is.


Dot is getting bigger, Rosie carries her weight well and I am fretting again as to whether or not she is preggers (most likely), and now it is time to find either a boar or decide to do AI with Peppercorn. I’ll be breeding her in late September so she can farrow some more show pigs. This time I will be looking for a boar with a higher tail, bigger rump and a bit more muscling to give more the look they want for club pigs. 



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