Pickling Time!

The idea behind pickling is to take the abundance from your garden and cheaply store it for the rest of the year. Sadly, since evil rodents at all my cucumber starts i had no cucumbers to pickle this year. This means spending money for pickling cukes. 😦


I went for the plunge and dropped $16 on 25 lbs of jumbo pickling cukes (since thats all they had left) I’m doing both a hot pickle and a cool fermented pickle. We’ll see how these turn out: hopfully worth the money.


My eggplants are setting fast and heavy. I’m debating figuring out how to can/store them for me or sell them for much needed funds. Tomatoes arn’t doing as great as I had hoped. I hoped for something like my ex’s garden: picking 30 lbs or ripe fruit off every other day. nope. I’ve had a handful ripen, most the romas have end rot and the willamettes just wont ripen! ug! I want to make salsa! LOTS OF IT! Oh well. Might be a salsa less year. 😦

There was a point to this blog post but im so tired i forgot it. I’m going to sleep. goodnight.


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