I’m trying my hand again at saurkraut. I did it in a crock the first time and it had no signs of mold…but did have a little bit of a musty flavor. No vinegar, just lactofermentation ie. natural bacteria thriving in a salty brine. I never refrigerated it and it lasted on the counter a few months. If finally bit the dust after my mother cooked some up and somehow introduced some mold spores. or something. Next time I opened up the crock it was all pink mold and white fluffy stuff. 😦

So I am trying again this time packing the cabbage tighter than before. I also added a tablespoon of brine from my lactofermented pickles hoping to share the bacteria a little.

Now my pickles turned out pretty good. Could be crispier, but not bad. They’ve sat out on the counter for a few weeks now and fully fermented. Now they are full of probiotics. Yesterday when I opened the crock a layer of yeast had formed on top complete with giant bubbles. The taste was tart, strong and the pickle floating on top had an almost alcoholic scent (the yeast), Time to finally refrigerate.  I moved them into a smaller crock so i could use the big one for the saurkraut. Tommorrow I am going to put the leftover brine thats full of probiotics in the animals water. The pigs will probably love it. I’m guessing the sheep will turn up their noses.

So my kitchen is full of fermentation. I’d like to try kimchi next…then we’ll see were we go next. at least with cabbage products i can make them year round since the store always carries it.


boooooring post. sorry.


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