Filming on Set on the Farm

I know someone who knew someone who was looking for someone with a farm for a music video shoot. Hey, guess who has a farm? Me! So that is how I got Blitzen Trapper to shoot a video at my place. The single is called “Shine On” off their latest album VII.

Things got started at 7 am bringing in the crew and getting the extras on the set. The animals were rather confused with all the action. The young pigs curious, the old one hesitant and suspicious, the lambs not caring, the ewes questioning and the ram attentive. I fed the pigs extra early as people were entering the gates the the pasture and Rosie took a little encouragement toward the feed bowl as she wanted to know what was going on…though not much.


The crew started creating the set right there on the scene


The extras were called over to start shooting their scenes and I was offered a spot. I had to wear snowy white and…well, that’s just not a color in my wardrobe. I found something that worked and we all took our place and started to cheer like an excited crowd. YEEEAAAH!! WOOO!! *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

With all the screaming and yelling Rosie came running over to see what was the matter and if there was a problem. I exited scene before we had a hog bowl through the crowd of extras. “No no Rosie! It’s alright!” I had to calm her down as she was *very* concerned and was willing to kill whatever it was that was causing us to scream in such a way. So much for wearing white.

Most animals do not scream and yell for joy, but rather only in distress. The first few times we shot the scene she would finally settle down and rest only to hear the yelling, jump up and run over “What?! What?! Whats going on?!!” Finally she just got annoyed and laid down to watch. I’m sure there are a few shots with her running around in the background….possibly with me right next to her trying to keep her from blasting through the extras.  Once the scene was completed and the extras moved away she took her favorite spot and watched our silly human shenanigans for a while.

Of most grave concern to Rosie was the apparent worm hole being formed.

She finally got bored and went off into the woods for the day. I was half expecting her to knock over the scene by being curious and deciding to scratch on it, so I personally was grateful that she and her brood ambled off.

Quite a few amusing sequences


The fury


The fearless director kept filming through the 90 degree heat (which for Oregonians is like 1000 degree heat!) without stopping.


I’m afraid I may have bothered him a bit by being over hospitable and concerned about what I was able to offer. “Is the light okay? Is this going to work? Do I need to make the sun move, or should I call in some cloud cover? Because I’m magic like that! ZOMIGODLIKEMEBECAUSEICANTNOTBELIKEDANDSOCIALANXIETYMIXEDWITHSOUTHERNHOSPITALITYSTANDARDSANDANDANDHUMNINUMNINUMNUM” Yeeeeaahhhhh….Sorry director dude, I wouldn’t have hovered so much if it wasn’t my place!

Anyway By mid-afternoon the set was completed. The lambs were finally let into the pasture and they came to check things out.


The set looked pretty fantabulous. When they were shooting the dog kept walking through the set. I kept asking if they wanted me to lock up my dog, but they all thought the stray half-starved looking dog was a hilarious touch. How many scenes did she ruin?! Certainly her antics kept people entertained. “Is your dog eating bees?” Yes. Yes she is.

<top secret photo was here>

The one scene involved people dancing and boy did we try to get some farm animals involved. They were cool until all the humans started waving their hands everywhere in the air…then they were like, “The heck…?” And they’d run off with Blaze giving us all the stink eye. No amount of grain can shaking could convince them otherwise. I almost got them in a few times then the scene would cut…ah well. Go figure: don’t want them in, they come in, do want them in and they don’t come. I gave up and just got in on it. I shall be the amazing disappearing audience member! I’m there one minute, then gone, then back, but in a different place! Make up your own story: important call? Smoke breaks because 2 minutes is too long to go without a cigarette? Over active bladder? A very quick alien abduction? Time travel? Chasing pigs?<– (least believable)

The shoot finally wrapped up around 7. 7 to 7, twelve hours of shooting. Everyone was tired, though I not so secretly hoped to jam because I never get to jam with anyone but the local town schizophrenic (its true). Alas, I had to leave to deal with farm business just as everything was winding down. I didn’t even get to say “Tata! Bonvoyage! Sayonara! Good luck on your tour!” then break a bottle of champagne on something. How rude of me! Or get a photo with the guys and crew.  Oh well. At least pickles were had.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I’m not saying much of the theme…or even sharing some of the pictures since…duh, surprise. But you get a few shots and a bit of the animal side.

So there you go: exclusive behind the scenes shots from Blitzen Trappers newest music video. You can pre-order the album from iTunes of Amazon, or wait until September 30th. They will also be touring the US of A from Mid-September to November. Check them out: great sound, cool guys.

(psssst: am I “cool” yet?)


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