Livin’ the Dream

The rain fell hard and cold last night. Autumn is here whispering of winter to come. The lambs were left out in the could, so they spent the night tap dancing at my back door under the cover jostling for the stop at the top of the stairs. I kept my ear open all night should anything go array.

Indeed, I heard a small thump and creak and pulled myself out of my warm sheets and pile of house pets down the hall to the mudroom. I turned on the light and a little black and white sheepy head greeted me  poking out from behind the door. I could have had an interesting night if I hadn’t investigated. Wet sheep on the couch…possibly Blaze would have shown them the way to my bedroom and we all could have cuddled on the bed. Most likely it would have resulted in me and the dog chasing 3 wet little sheep back and forth around the house.

I greeted her, pushed her little head back into the cold and wet, closed the door and made sure it latched this time.

Soon I was back asleep nestled between a sighing dog and purring cat.


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