Chicks ‘n’ Hogs

I finally got around to getting some chickens. About 2 weeks ago i got some free chicks from a woman who got some chickens as a joke gift and just loved having them around…but she doesn’t like eggs so she just lets her hens go broody and gives the chicks away. These guys are mostly banty crosses.


Not a great picture, I know, but its what I have right now. I kept them in the tractor for a week before letting them free range for the day. At first they were very afraid of me, but by the time i let them out of their tractor they trusted me enough to follow me around the farm. Its pretty cute to be working and all the sudden have a bunch of tiny chicks come out of the grass. This morning they ate out of my hands….yeah, I make pets out of my animals quick. I am really liking them, though, because they are picking up all the spilled pig feed. Its not that much, but head often get in the way as i pour feed and so its nice someone is picking up every last scrap!


Then there is Rosie. I was assuming she was pregnant since she’d been laying around with this silly look on her face for a week or two:



Thats a happy face…but I brought in a boar this weekend to breed Peppercorn and Rosie isn’t as relaxed. A threat to her kingdom! I borrowed this guy from my friend who had Mr.Pig. Notice they look similar? Same sire. I used a boar from my friend since our animals have mixed enough they have the same parasites so I didn’t feel the need to quarantine him for 3 weeks,


But he is significantly smaller. He is Old Spot x Tamworth…should be an interesting mix with the York added in. We’ll see. I did want a $400 boar…but he was $400, 500 lbs and eats alot more feed than this guy. My friend wasn’t set up for cutting and sorting out a pig, so we basically locked the pigs in a stall, i had the poke and he grabbed the pig by a leg, i got the poke (burlap sack) over his head and we wrestled and hog tied him. Not what expected…..I was very sore the next day. I’m sure he was too: attacked, covered, tied up then dragged and tossed into a cage, then the cage started moving and all the sudden he ends up somewhere with alot of ladies. Whhhaaaa?!

My friends said, “Well…I guess he’ll be coming back with a name.” I was all like,

“naaaww…most the names were bestowed by other people.” Then I got home and started moving him. As soon as I started moving him I started calling him “buddy.” dammnit. I named him in a matter of minutes! So Buddy is visiting for a little bit. He already did the deed with Peppercorn so she should be due to farrow Janurary 20th, i believe. Aw man, Janurary is going to be full of babieS!


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