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And Shes Off!

I had hoped to attend the birth…but I guess Dot was like a regular old sow and just wanted privacy. She ambled off into the woods. I have a general Idea of where she is, so *IF* I feel the need to check in on her I can probably find her. I’ll wait ’til morning to take a look-see.

Hopefully everything goes well and I don’t find her with a breech and everyone behind the breech dead…worst case senario. Most likely not…shes a good size now. Other “worst case” is if she freaks out like Rosie did and don’t let them nurse. She probably won’t. But, ug, I’m worried now. Helichopter farmer…thats what I am.


But I’ll trust nature. If she felt the need to be alone, then she needs to be alone. If she needed me around she’d have kept me around. She did talk to her momma through the fence, I think momma encouraged her and was trying to discourage me from bothering Dot.

All is and will be well. Nature knows whats best


Still Waiting

We went from this a few weeks ago:


To this:


To this: even bigger, but still no piglets!



So she’s dropped and filling with milk but….no nesting or anything. Oh, but they are in there. I can SEE them moving around inside her. And she can feel it. Right now I think thats why shes so uncomfortable: a multitude of piglets bouncing around inside of her.

Rosie showed a few signs, was huffing and puffing one morning, taking tiny pees and tiny poops no desire for breakfast and…..nothing. I came home and she was all perky and waiting for dinner. A few days later she got busy with the little boar. *sigh* so…she’s probably gonna turn into sausage or something….The ex stipulated she can’t be slaughtered so I gotta figure out what to do with her. Stupid being honorable/honest.  I suspect she has ovarian cysts because she was bred later than normal (2 years rather than 6 months) and spent much of her live overweight. But…then again she did get beat up by the ram who is probably gonna turn into sausage.

So we are still waiting for the piglets. I broke down and built a little piglet space thats warm and draft free that can sit in the hoop house if she farrows  on a cold night.  Momma thought it was a back scratchier for her. It was nice and pretty (used left over painted props from the music video) but now its got a big muddy body print of Dot on it.


With all Dots unhappy feelings she tried to curl up in my lap…but 400 lbs of pork in my lap is a bit much.


For her sake (and the sake of my lap) I do hope this is over soon!





Piglet Countdown



Dot is nearing farrowing. Her “pointy thing” points to the sky, her vulva is turning red, she has teats developing into breasts and her belly is huge! She’s not dragging on the ground-yet. I calculated her weight at between 400-430 lbs if  the string method is correct. !!!! Of course, much of that is “pregnancy weight” so once she farrows she’ll probably be something more like 350. Any day now…still debating if i should separate her from the other pigs prior to farrowing, or let her do her thing.

Then there is Rosie. Back in June she looked like this.


Pretty skinny, flabby, batwing boobies. Now she looks like this:



Okay, from that angle she looks bigger. I will say shes filled out more but her stomach doesn’t seem wider, much lower or anything. I did measure her and she is bigger around than length, so thats hopeful. And last time I calculated her weight she was at 614. Now her weight it up to 740! So i guess with her we shall see.


All it is now is a waiting game.

Quick Processing of Tomatoes

I had planned to make salsa with my tomatoes this summer…didn’t get enough tomatoes at one time OR time to do it! So I looked at my 4 pound of tomatoes slowly creeping towards over-ripe I knew I had to do something.

Quickest thing to do?


“Fire Roasted” Diced Tomatoes. Actually, I just heated up my cast iron skillet and burned a couple sides on each tomato. No blanching, coring, anything. just sear, chop, put it in something expandable and stick it in the freezer. Yup…gonna have some good chilli this winter with home-grown tomatoes.