Piglet Countdown



Dot is nearing farrowing. Her “pointy thing” points to the sky, her vulva is turning red, she has teats developing into breasts and her belly is huge! She’s not dragging on the ground-yet. I calculated her weight at between 400-430 lbs if  the string method is correct. !!!! Of course, much of that is “pregnancy weight” so once she farrows she’ll probably be something more like 350. Any day now…still debating if i should separate her from the other pigs prior to farrowing, or let her do her thing.

Then there is Rosie. Back in June she looked like this.


Pretty skinny, flabby, batwing boobies. Now she looks like this:



Okay, from that angle she looks bigger. I will say shes filled out more but her stomach doesn’t seem wider, much lower or anything. I did measure her and she is bigger around than length, so thats hopeful. And last time I calculated her weight she was at 614. Now her weight it up to 740! So i guess with her we shall see.


All it is now is a waiting game.


3 thoughts on “Piglet Countdown

  1. Jan

    The two photos of Rosie are striking. I felt that she was pregnant, but looking at the second photo makes me feel more confident that she is.

    1. erikamay85 Post author

      It is partly the angle that makes her look so huge, too. I looked at a picture from the 15th of September and she looks nearly the same as the first one…but by the 22nd i think she was starting to change (or so I tell myself). Its the last few weeks they really grow as we are seeing with Dot. We’ll see. I’m glad Susan gave me a heads up Rosie was probably due mid-October rather than late September as I was thinking.


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