And Shes Off!

I had hoped to attend the birth…but I guess Dot was like a regular old sow and just wanted privacy. She ambled off into the woods. I have a general Idea of where she is, so *IF* I feel the need to check in on her I can probably find her. I’ll wait ’til morning to take a look-see.

Hopefully everything goes well and I don’t find her with a breech and everyone behind the breech dead…worst case senario. Most likely not…shes a good size now. Other “worst case” is if she freaks out like Rosie did and don’t let them nurse. She probably won’t. But, ug, I’m worried now. Helichopter farmer…thats what I am.


But I’ll trust nature. If she felt the need to be alone, then she needs to be alone. If she needed me around she’d have kept me around. She did talk to her momma through the fence, I think momma encouraged her and was trying to discourage me from bothering Dot.

All is and will be well. Nature knows whats best


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