Country Caroling

I suggested caroling to our neighbors last night since I figured no one has ventured down our little old road to carol. Well, first of all it confused everyone because they didn’t know what to do. “Hey! Sandy! Theres carolers!”

“Carol who?”

“So, do you want to come in and sing?”

“No, your supposed to come outside and freeze you butt off with us!”

“So do we pay you now, or what?”


“Okay, don’t fall in the creek now!”

The best was going up to road to a friends. We drove up in the diesel truck but parked at the end of the drive way, hopped out and tried to light the candles and sneak up on them. Only their dog started going nuts. They saw giggling strangers in the dark lighting something and got freaked out. I realized this may be a bad idea when they turned on THEIR truck lights to see who was coming up their driveway with candles. Luckily we started singing and they realized it was us. As we finished singing and left Kes said, “I’m pretty sure I heard them cock a shotgun.”

The Great Christmas Carol Massacree (in five part harmony) was narrowly avoided. Maybe a lesson as to why people don’t carol in the country.

Next time we’ll be more prepared….we’ll bring the Baretta.


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