Life Keeps Moving

Seems like everyone is pregnant these days. I mean, everyone of the girls on my farm. I can most certainly see piglets moving in Peppercorn now. She is like her momma and didn’t “look” pregnant, but she never came back into heat and got really spacy so I figured she must be pregnant. Buddy might have bred Rosie and Dot, dispite Dot still lactating. They both came into heat in late November and haven’t yet come back into heat. I’ve got a date with the butcher for them incase they arn’t bred, but I think Rosie knew she was on the chopping block so he did her darnest to get bred. We’ll how it goes with them. They may live to have another litter,

Buddy was supposed have been gone by then….but he’s taken an extra long visit at my place. I’m hoping to return him to his owner this week. But my livestock trailers electrical is pulled apart (thanks helpful neighbors!) and my truck isn’t insured yet, so I’m waiting for the owner to juggle all the millions of things hes juggling to pick up his boar.

Speaking of still alive….that ram has been behaving himself since he got back into the main pasture. This morning I made a hay bale wall and trapped a few sheep and trimmed some toes and trimmed up some poopy butts. Khoresh jumped the wall to make sure everyone was okay. He was perfectly polite to me and just watched me flip everyone over, sniffed everyone but didn’t threaten me. I grabbed him and trimmed his toes for the first time ever. His feet are perfect, as are his lambs feet.*sigh* then he goes out and beats up some more fence posts. He’s got alot of lovely qualities, and alot of bad habits. Oh well, another one tentatively on the chopping black.

The old ewes are showing. I can see the lambs moving inside Polly. No udder development yet so I do believe my lambing date on Jan. 27 to be correct.The lambs ewes always look chubby, I can’t tell with them.

Yeah yeah. Pictures. maybe I’ll post some tommorrow. I worked my butt off this weekend laying a floor, crutching my sheep then building a hay loft. I’m going to bed. zzzz…


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