All That Building And More

I am not a carpenter. My ex was, and I hoped through some sort of knowledge osmosis I would learn some of the trade, but I didn’t. Now I’ve got lots to build and someones gotta do it. My mother is good at reading technical manuals and understanding what to do. I told her in late November I was going to build a lean-to. In a weekend. With scraps on hand.

Well, thats not her style, so we ended up doing it right. No janky-town lean to, our first was 8×24 off the barn with a good metal roof and build to (hopefully) withstand pigs. In 3 weekends we built a strudy structure and our next will go faster.


Upstairs the two of us (though mostly my mother) put in a bamboo wood floor.

I got stubborn and felt like I was depending too much on my mothers help (though she’s doing a really awesome job on everything she does and I really VALUE her help) so I declared barn building my shtick. Girls gotta learn to stand on her own sometime.

Only I have anxiety issues and it sometimes takes me a while to get started on something I’m not comfortable with. Like building the hay loft. It was really hard to get started since I’d never done anything like that before. I discovered halfway through the project that you measure from the center of a stud, not the end. ooops. My studs got off pretty quick and I had to readjust my design. another phase of inertia and anxiety. I got everything squared away after a few trys and thought I was done…then i saw two more boards, an extra piece of plywood and a few hanger still sitting around and said, “eh, what the heck!” and in a matter of minutes added another length to the loft.

Hay Loft

Then I got stuck on having to create a hay elevator since I thought the delivery truck couldn’t get into my barn*. I was stuck on the pully system and finally said, “aw screw it! I’ll just carry everything up a ladder if i need to!” Turns out we were able to squeeze the truck it and that puts us are just the right level to toss everything from the truck straight into the loft. Awesome! Now I’m all stocked up with feed.

Now to complete the barn I need to make a wall to keep the sheep out of my tool space which was another project that took me forever because the first wall I tried to do peg and pin style and I failed. In lots of ways. Like my inability to cut at a 45 degree angle. Or cut straight. So I’ve been putting this wall off because I finigured it was going to be as awful as my last one. Well, most my cuts were better but I still somehow ended up with a 1/2 gap between my post and studs even though I measured repeatedly. Oh well, it sturdier than the last one was anyhow. and actually square this time. Oh, and I have a clock now so I don’t loose track of time in the morning. maybe I can get to work on time from now on?


Next project I started to tackle after getting up the wall was to build a feeder in what is to be the lamb space. I want a place for grain if I choose to grain feed and a hay feeder


I had sheep keeping an eye on me the whole time. making sure its done right.

I got halfway done before I had to leave to visit with family. This project went better as i didn’t measure a thing and just eyeballed everything.  You can see it halfway done in the picture below. Now I need to build something to hold the hay.


Blaze without any clothes on

That is not a happy face

That is not a happy face

Finally to end the night after dinner with my family I came home and harassed Blaze. I tried to shear Polly New Zeland style the other day and was so-so with her, I get Blaze a chance to just stand i the milk stanchion but she wouldn’t so i flipped her over and had another go and New Zealand style shearing. Blaze is a bit of a fighter, though, and I wasn’t able to get it all off in one go. I also had a few spots where I didn’t cut close enough and lost some good wool. Oh well. She sure is soft. Shes pretty funny looking as shes still a skinny, gawky teenager. Last years shearing theme was “lions” this year I’m leaving a little tail on everyone to make them look like llamas.

Ash is definitely bagging up. Polly a little bit, but I gotta get crackin’ on subdividing the barn!  I’m going to be milking here, and LOTS of milk, pretty soon!



*okay, okay, maybe i was also hoping to impress the cute guy who delivers the hay with my farmy-craftyness, also, which added to my anxiety. Didn’t happen. womp womp.



One thought on “All That Building And More

  1. Head Farm Steward

    The carp stuff makes more sense as you get more practice but everything looks great from here. I can’t begin to list the building projects that are waiting for me…anxiety or not. It’s nice to see somebody getting some traction on their to-do list.

    “Didn’t happen.” lol


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