One Foot In Front Of the Other

Sometimes progress means small steps.

I got up this morning early so I could hit the hardware store early and pick up some wood screws. Alas, they have winter hours of 8 am to 5 pm, and my getting into town at 7:30 meant waiting around until someone opened. I could have stayed home and finished chores! or eaten! or had a cup of coffee! nope. I had to buy a cup of coffee and wait. So I did, and I got my screws.

Then I came home and cleared out a section in barn to expand the pig space…but before I could move the paneling and my pregnant gilt in I had to finish up regular chores and go to work.

So I did. And I worked all day.

Then I came home and ate and avoided doing what needed done. Finally I mustered the strength to go outside in the cold (thats not really that cold, but I’m tired so it feels really cold) and get going. Within no time I had the barn lined with plywood to prevent walls from being punched out, panels moved, the pig space expanded, fresh straw in the space and as I was finishing up I heard the gown pigs arguing outside the barn. Apprentely my pregnant girl, Peppercorn, was not happy with the sleeping arrangements and was standing complaining bitterly. I was able to coax her out of the pen, in the dark with no head lamp, out to the place in the barn I fixed up. .

She’ll be rooming with the two pigs born in October, I figure she should be fine farrowing around them. I was suprised how aggressive she was towards them when it wasn’t even her space she was defending from n00bs, but a new place with lots of food and straw! I’ve got her calmed down now but she wanted to show the two young’uns that she was boss.

 A good portion of this monumental task has been completed. now i just need to move the piglet nursery and build a hay feeder for the sheep and I’ll be in good shape.

Hopefully now that this is off my mind I can sleep tonight!


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