Weekend Work

This weekend I had out a work party to get a few things done that needed done.


When Peppercorn got out and mixed up the bedding on the barn floor she really kickstarted the composting. Which was great for making the barn warm (it really was warm!) but then the roof was getting so much condensation and dripping it was turning all my hay mouldy again! ARRG!

So folks came out and helped me muck the barn. It took so little time with helping hands! We piled that stuff up on the huglekulture mound (we’ll talk about this later) so it went to good use. Clean straw was put out on the barn floor in preparation for lambs. I had a friend help me organize my tool space, then some general clean up that is low on my list of things to do. I had two people who were exerienced in building so I had them build some portable wall dividers so I could build a lambing pen. I don’t know how long they will last, but these are attached with a bar through eyelets on the side and cost less than $10 to make each one (more like $8). I can move them, build a wall with gate, build a jug, all sorts of things, then pull it apart in no time and stack them flat! If they hold up these are going to be awesome and I’mma gonna build more. This means, I have a lambing “jug” which can easily be converted into a milk parlor.


In the morning my mother and I castrated the piglets for the first time. It went smoothly. I led mom out of the barn, ran an electric line across the door hole (there is no door anymore), then a piece of plywood to keep her out. The piglets got herded into a corner where I captured them with the remains of the piglet nursery: and L shaped piece of wood that I screwed into the walls. We picked them up and did the deed. None of the piglets are my friends anymore 😦



Then finally we moved a fence line to keep everyone out of the pasture outside my back door. hopefully soon all the pigs can be united again into one paddock.

I still haven’t sheared the remaining sheep. I just never have the time or the energy. I need to, their clean fleeces are getting filthy with the hay!


Polly is technically set to lamb anytime now. Her udder says shes

got a ways to go. I’ve got her jugged since the rams have been kind of harassing the girls lately, so they need their ram free space. its unfortunate since the walking helps put the lambs into the right position. I’ve got a plan up my sleeve, though, and maybe I can have best of both worlds! That is if it go to bed and get up early and start working. Off I go! I leave you with a picture of Ash who’s udder is filling up. They are both looking mighty wide.


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