While I Was At Work

While I was at work yesterday Polly was apparently working, too.


I came home and was greeted my two new members to the flock and a look on Polly’s face like, “what took you so long to come homme this evening? I did this all by myself!”


Good job, girly. Two ram lambs. I had hoped for a ewe from her, but so far she’s 3-0 on rams. They are cute and friendly, and looks like they are growing little horns, too! It will be fun to see how these guys grow up. I kept Polly in a “jug” all by herself (private pen, maternity ward, ect) and it worked out okay.


Tonight when I came home Ash had some birthing something hanging from her bottom. Usually people leave ewes in the jugs for about 3 days, but Polly was begging to come out and Ash needed to go in so I made the switch. By the morning I expect lambs from Ash, too.


(that is if it survive. I think i inhaled a bug and can’t stop coughing. hopefully i don’t die in my sleep!! haha!)


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