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Oil Pulling Experiment

So I’ve read all sorts of alternative oral care methods. Some say you can recalcifiy minor dental carries using fermented cod oil. or raw pastured milk. or something called oil pulling.

Basically: certain oils have antibacterial properties and help kill bacteria in your mouth if you swish for 10-20 minutes with said oil. Teeth, being porous, take the oil in and are strengthened. Or something like that. After swishing it in your mouth you can brush and floss and the plaque will come off easier. Some of the claims about what this can do is pretty silly (like help with depression, pull toxins out of your bloodstream, ect) but i do have a cavity on the outside of one of my teeth, have been developing decalcification even though i use floride toothpaste, and a bit of gingivitis with gum loss. I know it sounds like my teeth are in a sorry state, but really not too bad for not going to a dentist for 2 years. Still, could be better. Yes, I do regularly brush and floss.

It seems insane that the body cannot rebuild gums, I can’t understand why denstists say, “welp, sorry yous gums are receding. can’t do anything but surgery about it! but don’t worry about it. its not really a problem!’ It…just doesnt make sense.

So I tried oil pulling.

I started doing it every other day and brushing my teeth with only a brush or baking soda. No toothpaste. and nothing magical happened. My teeth did seem to stay cleaner throughout the day but I still have that cavity.

I was bad this week about pulling. I went a few days with only brushing my teeth. I finally felt like this wouldn’t do so I used some regular toothpaste before going to bed.

I woke up and my gums were inflamed. The gingivitis had gone down but was now back with a passion. Then throughout the day the plaque built up on my teeth at such a rate I couldn’t wait to get home and brush my teeth.

It was weird. Very weird.

So I’m back to oil pulling. hopefully my mouth gets back to feeling nice and clean. I can’t get over how little plaque I had for those two weeks of oil only then how quickly the plaque built up after i used regular toothpaste! This will be an on going experiment. Its time consuming since I have to sit while I do it because i have trouble breathing through my nose, but it seems to result in better oral health than conventional methods. We’ll see!

If my teeth all fall out you can point and laugh at the hippy, okay?



So far I notice:

-Whiter teeth, very shiny and squeaky clean

-Less staining on my teeth (despite drinking loads of coffee everyday and sleeping with my mouth open)

-Stains I do have come off my teeth very easily

-Gums are less inflamed

-Plaque builds up slower, mouth feels cleaner overall

Jury is still out on:

-Resolving tooth sensitivity

-Recalcifying small cavities and white spots on my teeth

-Regrowing gums


After the snow melts, the rain comes and the rivers fill. As I walk through my farm I can’t but ask myself and ask:

How high IS the water?

Luckily, the stream bed is tall and though its running swift and hard  there is still room before the water overflows. Still, the water table is high and the drainage around the barn is apparently no good.


I spent much of Sunday trying to look where the water naturally wanted to flow and help dig out ditches to get it to drain a bit more. With a little success I created small flows


And have a small stream now running from my barn


But its still not enough. The barn floor is wet. I worry about hoof rot among other things. The lean-to off the barn has largely been flooded and the pigs refuse to leave for high ground and a drier hoop-house. I suppose the water is making the straw compost faster and that means more heat, but i worry about fungus in the wet everything. Hopefully the rain stops soon and the water table can go back down. In the meantime, I have to find beauty in the rain.


Oh, and one more for the road.

New Pig

So it seems like this winter weather is here to stay for a bit, so i went and picked up a new pig that supposedly fairs well in the cold. “Alaskan Snow Pig” they day.


Seems to be friendly enough. Only here a day and already rolled over for belly rubs.


I’m a little concerned about the back hoof, but you don’t find a snow pig often so even if its got a peg leg, ya take it! Hopefully she breeds out a good litter. We’ll see.

It Snowed.

I live in Western Oregon. We don’t get much snow. Usually.




I got a good 12-14 inches over this last week. I am, as I like to tell myself, snowed in. Can’t go to work. nope. Can’t go to the hardware store. Can’t do anything. Are you expecting me to do something? BECAUSE I CAN’T.

Its very nice to be forced to rest and relax.


Tabitha enjoys the snow, this is the only not blurry picture I’ve got.

The pigs are comfortable in their lean-to


Rosie is happy as can be.


Piglets arn’t sure what to make of the stuff.


As my neighbor said, “Have you ever seen pigs in the snow?! I’ve never seen pigs in the snow! HarHARHAR! Pigs in the snow!”




Sheep are all doing fine. Everyone stays in the barn pretty much. only sneaking out for a little bit, then coming back in.


Ash had triplets (!!) last Monday, sadly 2 were still born (because she’s crazy and holds in her lambs) but the surviving ram is doing fine. I should have induced her when her belly dropped and nothing happened.


Since I have time (!!!) I started cooking. I made shortbread, creme brule, mozzeralla, venison chili, bread pudding……possibly more on the way!


Ashs milk is so rich right now that I’m getting a pound of cheese out of one quart of milk. THAT’S CRAZY. We’ll see if it changes when  I take her lamb off at nights. Right now hes on her all the time, soon ill have a night space set up and I’ll start milking for reals. I think he may be drinking all the lighter milk and leaving me with the cream that tends to be the last out of the udder.

I’ve started calling him “Muttonchop”


Blaze is getting BIG and bagging up. Monk seems to be a few weeks behind.


So all is well with everyone. I’m starting to feel energetic and not burned out. I could use another few days of this. Sadly, I’m out of pig food and i had to cancel my straw delivery. Looks like I’ll be going into to and reentering society again soon.



The Waiting Game

It was clear when Ash was bred. I went to work and the ram was chasing her and she was starting to stand. I came home from work and she was stiffly grazing, the ram was laying on the ground, resting his head on his horns, panting with his tongue out. I marked it on the calendar.


147 days later she should lamb…but sheep have a 5 day window of when they lamb and Ash seems determined to hold it in (like last time) Last year her udder was considerably bigger. She should have lambed Thursday. Its Saturday and we’re still waiting.


She IS starting to act jumpy, so thats a good sign! Her udder is also filling up more. It will happen. Until then, I guess I just need to love on these two: