It Snowed.

I live in Western Oregon. We don’t get much snow. Usually.




I got a good 12-14 inches over this last week. I am, as I like to tell myself, snowed in. Can’t go to work. nope. Can’t go to the hardware store. Can’t do anything. Are you expecting me to do something? BECAUSE I CAN’T.

Its very nice to be forced to rest and relax.


Tabitha enjoys the snow, this is the only not blurry picture I’ve got.

The pigs are comfortable in their lean-to


Rosie is happy as can be.


Piglets arn’t sure what to make of the stuff.


As my neighbor said, “Have you ever seen pigs in the snow?! I’ve never seen pigs in the snow! HarHARHAR! Pigs in the snow!”




Sheep are all doing fine. Everyone stays in the barn pretty much. only sneaking out for a little bit, then coming back in.


Ash had triplets (!!) last Monday, sadly 2 were still born (because she’s crazy and holds in her lambs) but the surviving ram is doing fine. I should have induced her when her belly dropped and nothing happened.


Since I have time (!!!) I started cooking. I made shortbread, creme brule, mozzeralla, venison chili, bread pudding……possibly more on the way!


Ashs milk is so rich right now that I’m getting a pound of cheese out of one quart of milk. THAT’S CRAZY. We’ll see if it changes when  I take her lamb off at nights. Right now hes on her all the time, soon ill have a night space set up and I’ll start milking for reals. I think he may be drinking all the lighter milk and leaving me with the cream that tends to be the last out of the udder.

I’ve started calling him “Muttonchop”


Blaze is getting BIG and bagging up. Monk seems to be a few weeks behind.


So all is well with everyone. I’m starting to feel energetic and not burned out. I could use another few days of this. Sadly, I’m out of pig food and i had to cancel my straw delivery. Looks like I’ll be going into to and reentering society again soon.




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