After the snow melts, the rain comes and the rivers fill. As I walk through my farm I can’t but ask myself and ask:

How high IS the water?

Luckily, the stream bed is tall and though its running swift and hard  there is still room before the water overflows. Still, the water table is high and the drainage around the barn is apparently no good.


I spent much of Sunday trying to look where the water naturally wanted to flow and help dig out ditches to get it to drain a bit more. With a little success I created small flows


And have a small stream now running from my barn


But its still not enough. The barn floor is wet. I worry about hoof rot among other things. The lean-to off the barn has largely been flooded and the pigs refuse to leave for high ground and a drier hoop-house. I suppose the water is making the straw compost faster and that means more heat, but i worry about fungus in the wet everything. Hopefully the rain stops soon and the water table can go back down. In the meantime, I have to find beauty in the rain.


Oh, and one more for the road.


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