Blazey Had A Little Lamb

I’ve been keeping a hawks eye on Blaze. She started balloning and I was worried there were triplets. She’s a little small, probably should have not bred her first year but I wanted to know how the breeding experiment of diary X heritage breed would go. So bred her I did with the knowledge I’d need to keep an eye on her during lambing. I’d started keeping her in a separate pasture from the main group with her sister so I could keep an eye on her.

Wednesday I came home and she greeted me, I noticed she had dropped, then walked me over to a pile of sawdust and plopped down to try and lamb.


She was in the process, but I don’t know how long for.


Two little feet were out. But the pushing didn’t seem to be making any progress.


I don’t feel good…is it tool late for an epidural?


Since I didn’t know how long it had been going on I decided to wait for a bit longer before helping. I really want my animals to handle their lambing by themselves, and in my circle of farmer friends “helping” an animal is almost considered a sin as you help keep the weak alive. But, Blaze is young, so she gets a free pass. Eventually I had to pull the lamb. I’m not sure why it wasn’t coming out, it was positioned correctly, but it felt like possibly the next lamb was trying to come out at the same time. It was hard to pull out, even for me. I got it halfway out, but by the Blaze was so tired she didn’t want to finish pushing. So little lamb was hanging out squirming and Blaze was going in circles trying to see the lamb/whats going on back there. FINE DON’T DO THE FINAL PUSH.

Another lamb was on the way, but again I tried to let her do it. She had no interest in birthing anymore, just licking her little lamb. That one was huge, but freshly dead. Clearly, I should have assisted sooner. I figured I’d loose a lamb from Blaze, anyway, so I’m happy to have one girl.


I believe “Princess” to be the right name for her. Blaze is a good momma. Her face looks a little different to me. A bit more grown up.

Next up we have Monk.

On the pig front Rosie is bagging up. She looks soon. Dot looks like shes a week or two behind, though that doesn’t make sense since they got bred I think at the same time.



I’ll be gone on a business trip next week. My mother is coming up to watch everyone. Shes praying everyone pops this weekend…I think they are going to wait until I’m gone and give her some fun. Wish my mother luck!


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