Sick Pig

I noticed on last Tuesday that one of my piglets from Dot wasn’t doing well. Skinny, hunched, lethargic…I brought her inside and tried to bottle feed her, she wouldn’t eat. The I tried to graft her on to Rosie. Rosie was okay with the idea and she tried to get a teat. but the other piglets kicked her off. It was very sad to see tiny, skinny, dejected piglet with giant ears try to wander off into the darkness after getting kicked off by a mean piglet. Took her back to mom and discovered shes getting kicked off the teat she liked. She just didn’t fight back. Finally I got her inside again and she ate out of a bowl. Boy howdy did she eat! A bowl of fresh sheep milk and some quick snuggles and she went back to her mom.


In the morning i get her to eat again, then at some point i took her into the barn to eat. The morning after i fed her in the barn I was milking the girls and i heard “nyuk, nyuk nyuk,” and look up to see little shadowy piglet feed crossing behind the barn door. Sick pig peaked in and ran over to the milking parlor. She was ready for breakfast and figured out how to get out of the fence, around the barn and over to the grub. Smart girl!  So now girly is joining me at milking time to get fed. Shes starting to grow and I’m trying to slip her solid food into the milk so we can get her going on grain.


She just so tiny! But this evening she had some trouble slipping through the fence. She’ll come into the barn when she hears me first thing, but i haven’t started milking yet. So she runs around my feet squeaking then gives up and goes back to her mom.


Today she’s offically figured out her name,  Leche, means milk! So I call out “Leche! Come here my little lechita!” and she comes running around the barn, through the fence, slipping through the door. I’m enjoying her quite a bit and so happy to see her growing. She is, of course, eating a fair amount of my sheep milk but I’d rather it go to a hungry baby than anywhere else.


Tommorrow i hope to take care of the rest of the piglets and build a little creep feeder for them.


4 thoughts on “Sick Pig

  1. sally

    Erica, I have been reading for a while now and wanted to let you know that I am a fan of your blog and lifestyle and am in awe of your energy and resoucefulness. The Ohio brooder is a great example of this, did you make the chicken tractor too? Glad the little pig made it, she is a cutie. Cheers Sally

    1. erikamay85 Post author

      Thank you Sally! Yes, I made the chicken tractors. Very simple lightweight designs that will probably have to be rebuilt every couple years, but they cost $15 in wood and I can reuse some of the wire, so its not a big problem. I was introduced to the tractor idea by someone who made them so big and heavy that they ended up never moving the dumb things! Just observing other people and taking it from there!
      Thanks for reading.


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