I’ve Been Tired

I’ve been tired lately. Exhaustion to the point my mother thought I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. When I’m stressed and busy I start to skip meals because, well, it takes time too cook and im too cheap to eat out and eating out makes me feel gross anyway but I don’t have time for a meal sooooooo….I’m just going to go nibble on some homeade kimchi then go to bed instead. I’ll eat breakfast. Then breakfast comes and I’m too busy with chores and start running late to work so, darn, I’ll eat lunch. But I didn’t take time to make a lunch so….I guess I’ll just drink lots of coffee and buy the cheapest moderately healthy thing on the fast food menu because I’m going to cook a good dinner. I swear. Then I get home, do chores and am too tired to cook.

Rinse. Repeat.

Mix it in with 2 hours of chores, 1 hour 15 minute total commute, 7-8 hours at work and pretty soon im doing 14 hour days and no real days off on the weekend. Oh, and I was doing overtime for a few weeks, too.


I lost weight. got tired. wore myself out.

I’ve neglected a few things such as my blog. and, well, my farm. I haven’t done any BIG projects. Just the little stuff that needed done and tried to rest. Thankfully i’m starting to feel like me again. hopefully I’ll start updating my blog more. But in case you were wondering, thats where I’ve been!


5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tired

  1. sally

    I am glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. I know the cycle, I too work and commute, 2 hours a day, then home to do the animals but my chores do not take as long as yours. Then on the weekends there is a lot of up keep to do before you start something new.
    I love the lifestyle but it cannot be ignored, you can’t just think oh I’ll do nothing this weekend.

    Mostly I think I want to expand my operation, get a goat for milk and cheese but other times I think are you crazy, why add more work! We do what we do, and honestly I dont think there are that many single women doing this and working off farm as well. Anyway thanks for sharing, warts and all, I really enjoy reading. Sally.

    1. erikamay85 Post author

      The milking and pigs in may different spaces added time to my chores! Granted, on a goold day milking my two ewes only takes 20 minutes, but if I have someone acting up or I go slow and relish the experience it can add time. I also always stop to watch all my animals, so my chores are longer than they need be. But I know how everyone is and can keep an eye on everyones health.

      Its hard to expand without a safety net. If you get sick with a nasty cold you still have to go out and do chores. See if you can find a farm hand. I just got someone whos in high school who came out at the drop of a hat and helped me install a gutter in the barn. It was awesome to realize I have a guy with some muscle who I can call on when i need help. Really freeing, espcially since I’m paying him “whatever I feel like” (paid him $20) and he’s not hopeing to get some action from the crazy lady.

      You keep strong, too!

      1. sally

        Yeah its good to remind ourselves why we do it now and again as well. Some mornings the sun is up and the view down my valley is awesome and the pigs all fall in a pile for a belly scratch and something new has sprung up in the garden overnight. Taking the time to smell the pig shit as it were!

        The hard thing is keeping up the momentum and striking the right balance. Something has to give, with me it is usually housework. I have great neighbours for when things seriously fall over but I dont want to call on them unless I really need too. Thanks for the conversation about this.

  2. Just another day on the farm

    hugs, and I can just imagine how hard it must be.. but hon, you have to eat! can you cook ahead, can you keep things in the pantry that are quick grab? can you buy a case of something to keep in the office for those days that you forget lunch

    slow but steady you are in recovery mode.. that I know about.. been sick..and am on the same slow road….

    1. erikamay85 Post author

      I normally do. I have one day a week where I try to cook the weeks meals….but sometimes I skip doing it on that day and the rest of the week is baaaad.


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