Leche the Evil Genius

It seems Leche is smarter than the average pig.Of course, if she was to survive with such a weak body her mind needs to be strong.


It should be no surprise as she figured out how to get out of the fence, around the barn and into the milking area by herself. She learned to buddy up to humans, learned to come running when I called her name, welcomed herself to my lap as I worked in the barn, and recently learned to drink squirts of milk from the sheep. Shes pretty cute and its hard not to give into her begging.



Ah, but all her sweetness and cuteness is a ruse.



I weaned the other piglets this weekend. She was in the first batch of piglets I got into the weaning stall. I went to run errands and by the time I came home she was outside the barn bouncing around, I ran into the barn worried 4 I caught were free: everyone else was still locked up. Little Houdini figured her way out of the pen. I still had many more piglets to bring from the pasture, into the barn then into the weaning stall. Leche helped me lure a couple at a time into the barn so I could grab them and throw them in the pen. I had a friend stop by in the process and she agreed: Leche was taking great pleasure in helping me enact revenge on her siblings that kicked her off the teat. She danced infront of the pen as they tried to chew their way to freedom showing off that SHE was free while they were locked up.

The last couple pigs were less trusting of me and the barn. While the first several went in without a peep, it became increasingly harder to get the unsuspecting pigs locked up. Finally I was to the piglets who did not trust humans yet. I tried to encourage them into the barn and Leche ran in and out saying, “common in, guys! Its great in here! mmm!! theres food in this bucket right here!” Two were moving towards the barn, but didn’t believe us to they tried to make a break for it. I grabbed one by its foot as it tried to run past me and I had to carry it screaming into the barn. Evil Leche’s heart teetered on the edge of guilt and joy, in the end she continued to take increasing joy in taking the remaining piglets out of the pasture into the pen.


One remained at night fall, Leche ran to the pen, back to me, back to the pen signaling her readiness in removing the straggler from the pasture. Yes, Evil Leche enjoyed working as my henchman. The next day she walked out from under the front gate (being tiny still) to help me move the sheep pen then attempted to herd them. I can see where this is going.


Today she is a sweet little thing, tommorrow she’ll be challenging me in a farm scrap built machine and we will have to do battle.


Until then, i’ll enjoy her antics.


3 thoughts on “Leche the Evil Genius

  1. sally

    Leche is too smart, I particularly like the shot with the milky face. How many piglets do you have and what do you do with them all?

  2. erikamay85 Post author

    I don’t have the infrastructure to raise them all up so I’m selling the majority and going to keep a few to sell for slaughter. I’m hoping to have 2 or 3 whole hogs to sell every 3-4 months. It would be liveable income if I could supply and sell 6 a month, but i don’t have land enough to do it as i like to..

  3. sally

    Yes this is a dfficulty for me to. I sell them privately by the kilo, send them to the abbatoir, then the butcher who butchers and packs them for me, then I deliver (am only allowed to do this part under the regs). I have an email list of about thirty people. I sell all the meat and make good money as long as I dont do it too often. So I send two pigs for slaghter every other month, more than that and I get too much meat left over which starts to affect the feasibility of doing it. So last time around I had a sow who had 8 piglets. Those piglets have lasted me all year, the first to go being a bit small and the last will be a bit big. But now I am going back to buying in two growers at a time, much easier on the land but not as easy to source when you want them. I have always thought it would be great two go in with another small grower, one sow each farrowing 6 months apart, One boar between you and share the piglets from each litter, about 5 or 6 piglets twice a year, very managable. We dont have 4h here so there is not that market to sell the extra weaners to.


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