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I finally got a rooster to replace the one lost on New Years morning. His name is Rocko and he’s a fancy Bresse roo. That means white chicken with green legs. He’s got a very polite crow. I’ve only had him a few hours and I woke up this morning before he did. “Oh dear, I don’t hear him crowing and the sun is up, i hope he didn’t have a heart attack last night!” I thought as I laid in bed. A few minutes later he started in.

His owner needed to make room for a new rooster so either had to find him a home or into the stew pot he’d go, so I offered to take him since no one else seemed interested. I asked my friend to pick him up and apperently she took him to a group meeting and let him run around in the garage then everyone cuddled him. Yea, a rooster letting strangers cuddle him. Sounds like he’ll fit in here just fine.


Chicken Slaughtering

I admit. Before this weekend I’d never taken the live of anything other than a fish. I’ve been involved and watched the pigs go, but its never been my hand thats done the deed. I suppose its the final step as a “farmer” or someone who eats meat at the very least. I’ve always found it disrepectful to the animal that died when people pretend their meat isn’t from anything living. Its magic~! It grows in styrofoam!

No, accept that something lost its life for you so you can live. Per Vitam Mortem. Through death is life. Accept it. When we die we will feed bacteria, worms, the ground, trees, possibly scavengers, hopefully not our hogs

Point is, as I’ve said before, I need to be able to do it if I am willing to eat them.

So I did. BEAUTIFUL Cornish X that free ranged. Small for with age, but healthy. Many people complain that their cornish X don’t move. they just sit around all day and eat. Well, mine started under the brooder outside on grass. They were allowed out of the tractor at 3 or 4 weeks and quickly figured it all out. After their morning grain (filled their feeder with a pea based feed…they don’t care much for it so they ate what they needed to to not be ravenous the looks for better stuff elsewhere) they ranged around the neighborhood, and were so friendly I hated to see them go. But, they were starting to pant implying trouble breathing. They still ran up to greet me, but they were as healthy as Cornish X get and didn’t want them to deteriorate.

I did the 6 largest leaving 2 smaller ones to go a little longer. Dressed out to about 4 lbs 3 oz on average. Small, but absolutely delicious! The texture was so different…like MEAT, not chicken mush. I grilled one that night with some farmer friends and had a good time. I will miss my friendly “little marshmallows” (as the girl next door called them), but their lives were so much better than a store bought chicken and they taste a million times better. Who knew there was such a difference?!

I had pictures of my pretties, but my computer won’t load them oh well.