I finally got a rooster to replace the one lost on New Years morning. His name is Rocko and he’s a fancy Bresse roo. That means white chicken with green legs. He’s got a very polite crow. I’ve only had him a few hours and I woke up this morning before he did. “Oh dear, I don’t hear him crowing and the sun is up, i hope he didn’t have a heart attack last night!” I thought as I laid in bed. A few minutes later he started in.

His owner needed to make room for a new rooster so either had to find him a home or into the stew pot he’d go, so I offered to take him since no one else seemed interested. I asked my friend to pick him up and apperently she took him to a group meeting and let him run around in the garage then everyone cuddled him. Yea, a rooster letting strangers cuddle him. Sounds like he’ll fit in here just fine.


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