Let’s See….Where Was I?

Now where was I and what was I doing when I last blogged? I don’t remember. I DO know I picked up my bits from the butcher and got the vittles I asked for: a box of bones for broth, a box of fat for lard rendering, and a whole 1/4 pig. I was going to attempt to start the process of making tonkotsu (pork bone ramen) broth tonight…but its getting late and the recipe i found was rather involved. Poo.

It has gotten hot and I’ve run out out freezer space so I will  need to render the lard immediately. Somehow I will do this while working. I guess. I will attempt some while I sleep and see what I’ve got in the crockpot in the morning.

I’ve been making adorable thank you gifts for the people who bought pork from me, but my computer is being evil and won’t let me upload pictures.


Well, I guess all I can say is im alive and just barely kickin’.


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