Oil Pullin Update

I mentioned a while back I was doing something called “oil pulling” to clean my teeth (along with flossing) and hopefully heal a cavity.

Well sure enough, a few weeks ago i poked at the cavity with a dental tool and rather than being a soft sticky thing it flaked right out! Yippee!

the truth is, though, I’ve stopped oil pulling..or at least doing it often. I was skipping dental care because there were days when i didn’t have 20 minutes to squish…but regular tooth paste seemed to make my gums inflame so i went for a middle ground: coconut oil and baking soda toothpaste. not alot of baking soda, but enough to give a little grit mixed with the oil. Seems to be working well and now i have something to brush my teeth off with whenever. Still gotta spit into the trashcan, but whateve’s. My teeth look good, and my cavity went away.


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