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Fall Chicken Crop: Week 1



I’m doing a fall batch of meat chickens. My first batch of 10 was pretty good, though i lost one to ?? as a day old chick, one my dog killed and another over ate. So…about a 70% success rate my first go round with Cornish Cross. Ohh, but they were deeelish. So I’m doing another batch hoping to make a meager amount of money on them.


Tractoring them in the grass worked well. I built a hover brooder that fit in the tractor and it worked out. Same concept, only twice as many birds!


Day-Old Chicks

The day olds had just little fluffy feathers, healthy happy things that went into the tractor fine. I had a few jump here and there, in my lap, back in the box, ect. Good energy!







   By day 4 they started developing little feathers on their wings. 20 killed the 2 cups of feed in a few hours.



By a week old they’ve got some good feathering on their wings and tail feathers are coming in.




You can see how big they are already getting compared to my foot! I keep their feed restricted because they can over eat and grow too damn fast.


Still using last years tractor.



I let the chicks out in the morning and evening for a little supervised exercise. So far so good!


Anytime Now


Peppercorn is due anyday now. Her belly is big, piglets are bouncing, yet no milk! Anytime now. Anytime…