Monthly Archives: November 2014

Roy Boy


I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Actually, more like I couldn’t stand the cat anymore. He spent alot of time playing and teasing Tabitha. They entertained each other and without Tabitha Darioosh became needy. Always in my lap, aways talking. Finally one day he followed me around the pasture yelling at me, “MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!” He didn’t want food, or picked up or attention. He wanted me to get back Tabitha.

No can do, but I did go pick up a border collie pup named Roy from a friend and brought him home.


He’s very sweet and a bit shy. Afraid to go into the barn, afraid of the sheep, scared of the pigs,…not exactly a fearless work dog yet. But hes 8 months and totally level headed. I see alot of similar personality traits to Tabitha. Confidence is something I can work on. His mother is winning herding trials left and right, so hes got the genes to do this stuff. Its just training and learning to trust. Right now hes bonding and learning house rules. A real cuddle bug.

And the cat? Not happy. He wanted Tabitha, not this dog. He ran away for a few days. I finally got him back in the house and spent a night just dotting on his insecure self. After a few days they are starting to get along. I saw him begrudginly rub against Roy claiming the new dog as his. Roys good and wants to play, but respects Darioosh’s hisses when the play gets too much. I think they will be friends in the end.

And after death…life moves on.