Gardener in Me

I’m hoping to focus more on my garden/food forest this year. I’ve got ideas…but my ideas are bigger than my budget. The area I had cleared for logging would make an amazing terraced orchard. But doing it right and not destabilizing the hillside would be  feat and likely cost more than we’d ever get back out of it. For now that dream in on the back burner.

Now, though, I can at least work on making my pasture area a “food forest.”

I like fruit. I like nuts. I like my animals getting food that i don’t have to feed them. A great way of getting all this in one is planting fruit trees between pastures. My light situation isn’t the best, so i have to think were I want my trees: how big is it going to get? how much light does this need,hlow little can I get away with? How can i keep this tree safe from animals, but have them benefit from its fruits? Will this tree block too much light from the pasture? Lots of things to consider.

I found a guy who runs a nursery out of his back yard a few years ago and finally went back to his place. Harvest Nursery is great. It focuses on edibles and they are very knowledgeable with wonderful prices. Today I bought:
2 Mulberries
1 walnut
1 golden delicious
3 blueberries
1 tea plant
2 almonds trees
2 Cornelian Cherries
5 asparagus

I’d say its a steal all for $125!

I’m excited about the cornelian cherries because they are actually dogwoods that make edible fruit. I wanted to plant a dogwood at Tabithas grave, so I think this may be the ticket…though I may still go for a *gasp* ornamental.

I have a bank with a stream that animals technically shouldn’t be grazing. I let mine in on occation to work on the invasive grass and fight back the black berries. Once they’ve finished clearing I’ll plant more fruits along the bank for stablization. Its not great grazing, but with the stream flowing nearby established fruit trees should be very happy growing there. Most of my trees are going along that the stream or a few select fence lines so they can drop fruit in the pens.

i am still thinking where things should go so im playing on ms paint until I figure it out.


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