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Its Baby Time!


I’ve been waiting on lambs all month. I put the ram in for early Feburary lambs…I’ve been waiting. And waiting…Finally came the lambs! Polly went first. I went to bed know she was in her last 24 hours. I was late to the barn in the morning and found her finishing up. She looked at me a little incredulously that I was late, but she knew she didn’t need me anyway. Still its the thought that counts and clearly i don’t think because i was late, harumph! I had a first! An all white ram! And a ewe lamb. Lovely!

DSCN1400   DSCN1403

Off I went to work, but not before Peppercorn began to nest. I saved wool from skirting fleeces for her in a bag (as she was so fond of Blazes virgin fleece that she used it in her first nest) and as i was pulling it out of the bag she motioned “gimme gimme gimme!” so i gave her another bit of fleece and she looked at me “gimme gimme gimme!” *Shrug* I gave her the feed bag full of fleece and she happily dragged the bag to her nest and proceeded to happily fumble with the bag until I left for work. Weird pig.


I came home and she’d done her job nicely. I’ve even got an Elvis impersonator piglet!


Two days later Ash lambed. Again, boy and girl.

DSCN1417  DSCN1420DSCN1421

Glam, a ewe lamb, might be as cute as they come.

The next day Monk went. She did quite fine…


3/3 ewes and rams.

Today Leche pigged. 7 piglets and all pink.


Lastly we have Blaze and Princess. Blaze is getting so big I thought she was going to lamb first but shes just growing and growing. Hopefully it all goes well for my big girl!


And soon! she looks miserable! Though shes walking around with sass so i guess shes not too bad.


Quick Thougths on Sustainability

I am not sustainable.

Or at least, my farm is not whole self sustainable. My woods were not enough to feed my pigs or sheep and the overall health of my forest was waning so I cut it down and am starting over. It will take a long time for for the forest to become a forest again. Thus, 10 acres of unproductive land. I am planting native conifers along with fruit and nut trees again. The fruit trees will yeld the soonest, nut trees should feed my imaginary grandchildren. I will try to terrace a small part and create a small plot that is a source of feed for sheep, pigs and humans (planting grasses and fruit trees) but until these dreams occur….

I am not sustainable.

I have to purchase hay for the sheep until my pasture comes back from the traima of logging. Truck in grain for my pigs…the worst offense

This was not the plan…but its the easiest. its easy to lock up the pigs and throw food at them and watch them grow. I have to challenge myself to work on creating an ecosystem that doesn’t deplete the soil but improves it.

I spent my first 2 years here learning how to care for animals without killing everyone. Mission accomplished! Now I need to challenge myself: how do I create a farm that provides the majority of everyones feed needs? Well, step one is probably cutting back the number of animals. Two: fencing fencing fencing. it lets me move animals to new spaces where they can forage for food. ThreeL research, experiement and change. Always look for new ways of farming. There is no one right way to farm. one must always be looking for something new or risk stagnation.

Me? its tempting to set up a system of stagnant pens and cycling pigs through after throwing food at them for 6 months. but thats not sustainable for the ecosystem or the pocket book.

Change better be coming soon.