Monthly Archives: March 2015

While at the Farm Store…

I went to the farm store this evening to pick up supplies for castrating and docking I’m doing tommorrow (I toyed with the idea of ear tags be decided against it since they always get torn out anyway) and heard peeping.

chicks were in. How could I resist taking a “peep” (heeh…didn’t mean to do that!)

first bin had ducklings. Cute buggers with black webby feets widdle bwown noses and teenytiiiiny widdiw baybee wings…..i took a picture and sent it to my mother. “temptation.” I captioned it.

I bought my stuff, scored on some clearance items. Got in the car and my mother sent me back a text, “why didn’t you buy them?” With my sense of reason telling me i have room to hoard more animals I ran back in the store 5 minutes before closing and picked up two little Cayuga ducklings.


There is literally a duck in my hair. LOOK AT THAT DUCKBUTT HANGING OUT OF MY HAIR!

Peep peep peep all they way home. Back home I pulled them out of the box and set them down on my lap. They quickly climbed up my body and nestled in my hair and quieted down very happy. We took a nap and i listened to their little hearts beat blood through their soft bodies. I got up and one climed further into my hair. I caught myself exclaiming “I’ve got a duck caught in my hair!” One of those things you’d never expect to hear yourself say you know.


Dolly and Porter are spending the night in the bathtub with the brooded placed sort of in it with water and food. I need to repair the tractors since some animal ripped a hole in one and the other has a broken door. I’m super looking forward to having ducks! These two will be very tame I’m guessing by their antics crawling all over me. A new beast to add to the rosters….