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Where’d She Go?


Sick boy with a fever.

Did the farm fail? Did she move? Did she find love? Did she win a million and decide to wander the world busking instead? aaaaaaaaaaaaand…no.

Truth is I’ve changed. i’m not super organic, permaculture hippy girl anymore. I’ve come to find value in certain commercial farming techniques. Not everyday is a new learning experience. Alot is day in day out stuff now. Of course, things have happened. Like Leche’s runty son getting injured and I tried to glue his massive wound closed (thus the name “Superglue”). After a heat spell it got infected and he got shipped to the city for a few days TLC undercover in her apartment.True to his linage he got used to this life quick. Apperently after coming home he ran around the nrighborhood knocking on peoples doors to get back inside. Yes, genius just like his mother. DSCN1518

And a week later:

DSCN1538 DSCN1535 DSCN1530 DSCN1527

What are you looking at?! Arn't you a little young for this already?

What are you looking at?! Arn’t you a little young for this already?

I had chicks, and got llamas…sold the rams, made some money, sold the pigs, made money, screwed up an order lost money, bought feed, lost money, so the cycle goes.

Honestly the logging threw me off. I’m not sure where to take this place. It tore up my pasture which is still lumpy, bumpy, and was never seeded by the logger so i did it by hand. This fall I need to disk it all which means picking up all the leftover wood. I dont’ want to put up more fences until the wood is cleaned up which means…im in a pickle. The logger also took some trees he said he wouldn’t…so that changed the microclimate I was expecting with those trees there. hmmm. So I’m waiting for fall to cool things off, clean up the pasture get back to fencing…The cedar are already rebounding. The fir trees..not so much. The guy planted based off a calendar, not off the weather. The trees went in too late for a hot summer like this and all died. Waste of money and time…So I suppose this fall I’ll be planting more trees. Overall the ecosystem on the hill looks good. The thing that worried me about my property was the lack of mythological action: aka no mushrooms. A healthy forest has mushrooms, mine was disurbigly bare. So hopefully with some replanting, seeding and careful grazing we can get that hillside to where it “should” be.

All in all things are going well, last week Cinammon and Peppercorn farrowed without assistance (8 and 10, both lost one.) We are wondering if there will be any surprise lambs this summer. I’m trying to figure out where I fit with everything here. As it is, I’m a busy lady. I promise I’ll try to write more soon.
DSCN1859 DSCN1862 DSCN1869 DSCN1647