Remember that milky faced piglet? The girl with dad who always got into trouble but still made me smile? Her first litter was subpart, and despite being with the boat for 5 months she never got pregnant again. I wanted to sell her as a pregnant sow so she could live on, but no pregnancy she might fetch $300. Pregnant i could get $800.

Fine, l might forgive and forget but last month her attitude changed. Oddly ravenous. She began vaulting over the fence with a running leap to steal food from the sows. Trouble, eating more than her share without contributing. I decided the time had come. Yesterday the butcher picked her up. I cried. I don’t usually cry at slaughter time, but dammnit Leche, I lived you? Why’d you have to let me down?

As a farmer I have to keep my animals based on long term not just emotion. I have two good does I can focus my resources on and one gilt with a very nice body I expect good show piglets from. Leche, sadly, was a gentle mother but her piglets were thin muscled and slow growning. When she started causing problems I had to choose what’s the best for the future of this place. Sad if was the case but here’s to good and better pigs in the future.


Oh yes, and the slaughter guy said she was amazing looking “I’d eat it” was what he kept saying.


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